Plants – learn the names of 15 kinds of plants

Posted on Mar 2 2014 - 4:01am by Zdenda

In my opinion Plants are one of the worst covered vocabulary topics in ELT. That is why, I have created the following post. There is a pictionary with all the words, a mind map, a video and four games to practise the vocabulary. I hope you will find these words useful.

Plants – vocabulary video

Here is a video with the words and their pronunciation.

Plants – pictionary

Here are all the words in a pictionary. You can print this material out (as long as you do not try to profit financially from this.)

Plants pictionary to learn the names of plants

Plants pictionary by

Plants – mind map

This mind map tries to divide the vocabulary into three categories: Deciduous trees (those that have leaves), coniferous trees and flowers. Some students find these divisions useful.
Plants mind map

Watch and practise

Watch the pictures and say the words in English.

Plants – games

Here are four games to practise the vocabulary. Give them a try:


Click Here to play the game

Pick a letter


Click Here to play the game


Click Here to play the game


Click Here to play the game
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